Wellness & Ergonomics

About our Wellness & Ergonomics Services

Our Wellness and Ergonomics services focus on helping our clients’ bodies work smarter and more efficiently in their given roles and spaces. Dr. Biegel assesses both the body and the environment/ workspace at a personal and direct level. Whether you need an improved workspace, a better workout or stretching routine or just have questions on better living, we can provide insight and direction. Our Wellness services can be provided in the client's home or the Team Therapies facility located in Wisconsin Rapids.

Full body stretching: 30-minute circuit training that aligns with personal and therapeutic goals, workspace assessment for ergonomics, soft tissue mobilization
Workspace ergonomics evaluation: assessing the risk factors in your work environment that may lead to musculoskeletal disorders or injuries among your workforce
Soft tissue mobilization: working with and assessing the soft tissues in the body such as muscles and tendons to promote both relaxation and healing

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