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At Team Therapies, we offer comprehensive Physical Therapy services tailored to your individual needs and goals. Trust us to guide you towards optimal physical health and wellness with our dedicated Physical Therapy services.

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We Help Your Body Recover Quickly

We specialize in aiding your recovery from both chronic and acute injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the nervous system. We will help your body reset, ensuring you can return to your cherished activities with renewed energy!

Arm Pain

Whether it's due to overuse, injury, or underlying conditions, we address arm pain comprehensively, targeting the root cause to provide relief and restore function.

Leg and Knee Pain

From runner's knee to arthritis, our therapies are designed to relieve leg and knee pain, promoting healing and enhancing strength to support your active lifestyle.

Back and Hip Pain

Our specialized treatments target back and hip pain, including issues like sciatica, arthritis, disc herniation, or muscle strain, aiming to alleviate discomfort and improve mobility for a better quality of life.


We understand the inherent difficulties with impaired movement, fears of falling and changes with your neurological system. We educate you on the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, assist with improved movement patterns through LSVT-BIG, and enable safer and more efficient movement.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder discomfort can disrupt daily activities. Our targeted therapies focus on relieving tension, improving posture, and restoring flexibility to alleviate pain and enhance comfort.


Falling is not a normal part of aging. Balance impairments do not have to be either. Our rigorous balance assessments delve deep into analyzing balance impairments and come up with a plan to improve your strength and coordination in all activities of daily living.

Enhancing Well-Being: The Power of PEMF Therapy

Pulse PEMF is a holistic full-body cell energizing modality that is non-invasive and has benefits for decreasing pain, improving range of motion, and providing natural energy to the body.
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The Team Therapies Difference

Where personalized care and a holistic wellness focus come together to accelerate your rehabilitation experience.

No Insurance, No Problem

At Team Therapies, we empower YOU to take charge of YOUR well-being. Your health is your greatest asset, and we champion your autonomy in choosing your path to wellness. With us, YOU decide whom to work with, the timing, and the duration of your therapy – no intermediaries, no permissions required. It's all about YOU.

Personalized Care in the Comfort of Your Own Space

Dr. Christian Biegel and her team bring quality and convenient healthcare to your doorstep. We believe in ‘aging in place’ and go above and beyond to improve your quality of life both in and out of the home. For those who desire an out-of-home experience, Team Therapies has a location in Wisconsin Rapids.

Geriatric and Parkinson’s Specialist

Dr. Christian Biegel PT, DPT, GCS is 1 out of 55 Board Certified Geriatric Specialists in the state of Wisconsin. She specializes in the age group of 65+ and can provide thorough answers and insights into concerns with aging and changes with movement. She is also LSVT-BIG certified and promotes improved and safer movement for those with neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Wellness Services

We offer an exclusive range of Wellness, Ergonomic, and Home Safety Assessments, setting us apart from standard 'big box' therapy clinics. Led by Dr. Christian Biegel, our services include specialized treatments such as sinus drainage, desk/office massage, comprehensive ergonomic assessments for both home and office environments, invigorating full-body stretching sessions, Home Safety Assessments, circuit workout training, and cutting-edge PEMF therapy. Experience personalized care tailored to your unique needs with us.

The Solution Is In Your Nervous System

Throughout our lives, we develop detrimental physical habits. Our movements and posture often lead to certain muscles and tissues overexerting while others remain underutilized.

These habits become ingrained as "muscle memory," forming enduring neurological patterns. Unfortunately, these patterns predispose us to inefficient movement and susceptibility to injury.

When injuries occur, the symptoms we experience are typically the result of physical damage. However, the true origin of the injury lies in the flawed "muscle memory" and dysfunctional patterns established beforehand.

The root of the issue lies within the nervous system, and it is also where the genuine path to healing commences.
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Our Process

Improve your Quality of Life in 3 Steps

Step 1


Establishing a personal connection with our clients is paramount to us. We take the time to listen, understand, and empathize with your unique needs and concerns.

Our team believes in building trust and rapport from the moment you walk through our doors. We're here to support you every step of the way on your journey to wellness.

By fostering a strong connection with our clients, we create a safe and comfortable environment where you can openly communicate and collaborate with us towards your health goals.

Step 2


Through comprehensive evaluation, we delve deep into understanding your current physical condition, challenges, and aspirations.

Our skilled professionals utilize advanced assessment techniques to pinpoint areas of improvement and develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.

We believe in evidence-based evaluation methods that provide us with valuable insights to guide your treatment journey effectively and efficiently.

Step 3


Once we've identified your goals and established a plan, we embark on an active engagement process aimed at achieving measurable progress.

Our dynamic approach to therapy involves hands-on techniques, guided exercises, and continuous feedback to ensure you're fully engaged in your rehabilitation journey.

Through ongoing support, motivation, and encouragement, we empower you to take charge of your health and actively participate in your recovery process.

About Us

Meet Dr. Christian Biegel

In 2015, Christian Biegel received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University with a Minor in Psychology and Sports Management. Christian then furthered her education to receive her Doctor of Physical Therapy from The University of St. Augustine in 2017. As of 2021, Christian is 1 of only 55 Board-Certified Geriatric Specialists in the state of Wisconsin who practices a holistic approach to treating older adults. In 2022, Dr. Christian Biegel and her husband, Hayden Biegel, began Team Therapies as a mobile concierge Physical Therapy practice that serves the aging adult in their own home or office. Their practice covers a variety of subspecialties aside from Physical Therapy including home safety assessment, ergonomic and workplace analysis and wellness. As of 2023, Dr. Christian Biegel is LSVT-BIG Certified and is part of a select few that are qualified and certified in Parkinson's Disease in the Geriatric peer group.

In her spare time, Christian enjoys hiking and biking with her husband and children as well as reading books.

Team Therapies is part of the local Wisconsin Rapids Chamber of Commerce and supports local businesses.
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Plans tailored to your needs

Our Services

Physical Therapy

Comprehensive Physical Therapy services tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Comprehensive Initial Evaluation: Your journey begins with a thorough assessment where we listen to your story, understand your needs, and identify areas for improvement.
Tailored Plan of Care: We craft a personalized Plan of Care aligned with your unique goals, ensuring every session is purposeful and directed towards achieving optimal outcomes.
Flexible Treatment Scheduling: We value your time. That's why we offer flexible treatment times, accommodating your busy schedule to ensure seamless integration of therapy into your routine.

Wellness & Ergonomics

Whether you're seeking to improve your overall wellness, manage stress, or create a workspace that supports your health, we're here to help you thrive.

Personalized Home and Work Office Assessments: Tailored assessments designed to optimize your home and work office setups.
Revitalizing Sinus Drainage and Facial Massage: Experience relief and rejuvenation with our specialized sinus drainage and facial massage techniques, promoting sinus health and overall well-being.
Invigorating Full Body Stretching: Unlock your body's potential and enhance flexibility.
Cutting-Edge PULSE PEMF Therapy: Harness the power of electromagnetic fields with our innovative PULSE PEMF therapy, proven to enhance recovery, reduce inflammation, and promote overall wellness.

Experience the convenience of bundled visits, priority scheduling, and dedicated support from our expert team. Take charge of your well-being and join our community of empowered individuals on the path to lifelong health.

Discounted Pricing: Special pricing reserved exclusively for members.
Priority Scheduling: Ensuring you receive prompt and convenient appointment times that suit your schedule.
Comprehensive Access to Your Healthcare Team: Stay connected and supported with full access to our healthcare team via phone call, text, and email during business hours, and through email and text after hours. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here for you every step of the way.
Customized Digitized Home Exercise Programs: Take control of your health journey with personalized digitized home exercise programs.
Success Stories


"Dr. Christian motivates me to get up and get moving! Even with the long distance and time zone change, she still reaches out. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who has pain or who is afraid of falling. You will be SO FORTUNATE to work with her!"


"I am forever indebted to Dr. B for her unwavering dedication and exceptional skills as a physical therapist. Her ability to heal not just the body, but also the spirit, is truly remarkable. The way she guided me through my recovery, pushing me beyond my limits, has forever changed my perspective on strength and resilience.  I will be eternally grateful. Thanks to Dr. Biegel for being the catalyst in my journey towards walking again."

"Our 87 year old mother has greatly benefited from the in-house therapy and wellness sessions. Mom's ability and confidence is improved and has allowed her to go to more places."

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Contact us.

Can I only pay with cash?

No! We accept cash, credit, debit, HSA and FSA payments and we have the capability of sending invoices to your electronic devices.

Can we do treatments outside of the home?

Yes! While the majority of clients prefer in- home visits, Team Therapies also has a stand alone clinic in Wisconsin Rapids that has a variety of weights, machines and training areas. If you need assistance problem solving how to get in/ out of a location, Dr. Biegel will help you! Church, restraunts and other places can become more accessible to you.

Why don’t you accept insurance?

Choosing to pay directly for your physical therapy unlocks numerous benefits. Foregoing insurance saves you both time and money, eliminating the need for cumbersome claim processes. With immediate access to our services, you can kickstart your physical therapy journey without delay. What's more, cash payments grant you greater autonomy, allowing you to tailor your sessions according to your needs, frequency, and duration.

By investing in your well-being through direct payment, you gain access to a more personalized and comprehensive experience. Our approach prioritizes your individual needs, offering bespoke treatment plans, extended appointment times, and a hands-on approach to therapy. Say goodbye to the restrictions and limitations imposed by insurance and embrace a journey focused solely on your health and recovery.

Can you work with someone on hospice?

Yes! Our Wellness services are expansive and consist of full body stretching and therapeutic massage and soft tissue mobilization for comfort.

Can I borrow the equipment in therapy that Dr. Biegel uses with me?

Yes! You can borrow or purchase any of the equipment that is used in therapy. Dr. Biegel will provide a link for purchase from Amazon or other distributor and show you how to implement.

What is PEMF?

PEMF is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field to provide a holistic supplement to the body that infuses the body at a cellular level. Pulse PEMF is non-invasive, safe to use for multiple injuries and illnesses as well as world renowned as a holistic and full body approach to healing. Some benefits are listed below:

  • heal and regenerate itself
  • enhance its natural recovery process
  • assist with muscle fatigue and discomfort after exercise
  • increase energy or support relaxation
  • balance the body’s interconnected systems
Can I work with Dr. Biegel even if I am not 65+?

YES! Dr. Biegel is a physical therapist that can assist anyone in their personal and therapeutic goal no matter their age.

Ready to take charge of your health and wellness journey?