What are clients saying about Dr. Christian Biegel???

"Dr. Christian motivates me to get up and get moving! Even with the long distance and time zone change, she still reaches out. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who has pain or who is afraid of falling. You will be SO FORTUNATE to work with her!"


"Our 87 year old mother has greatly benefited from the in-house therapy and wellness sessions. Mom's ability and confidence is improved and has allowed her to go to more places. "


"I am forever indebted to Dr. B for her unwavering dedication and exceptional skills as a physical therapist. Her ability to heal not just the body, but also the spirit, is truly remarkable. 

The way she guided me through my recovery, pushing me beyond my limits, has forever changed my perspective on strength and resilience.  I will be eternally grateful. Thanks to Dr. Biegel for being the catalyst in my journey towards walking again."